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Welcome to the City of Monterey GIS Portal
This is the City of Monterey's interactive mapping and GIS data access portal. The GIS portal consolidates a variety of information about the City’s geo-spatial assets. Use the links below to access web-mapping applications, data standards, GIS layer metadata, and available resources.

There are certain software requirements for accessing some of the content on this site. Please click here more information on this site's software requirements.
Interactive, web-based applications and maps for public users. Click the Applications title for the full list of applications availabale to the public.

Property Review
Search for a property in the City of Monterey using APN or Address. Display a map, parcel information, and aerial photo related to the specified property.

View map of the City and add or remove map layers or aerial photo. Find properties, addresses, streets, and more.
See more detailed information about the data layers such as a description of the fields in a layer's attributes, as well as the data source, accuracy, etc.
Downloadable Maps / Data / Photos
View, print or download maps, GIS data, and aerial photos. Maps are in PDF and JPG format. GIS data is in ESRI Shapefile format. Aerial photos are available in MrSID format.
Find more information about City’s GIS or report problems with the website. Link to documentation that explains the functionality of the ArcIMS Map Viewer. Link to other webpages of interest.
Learn about the Data, Organizational, Software and Workflow Standards used by the City of Monterey.